Application for creating a CV – Check out 5 useful app options!

CV making application We always seek the best. This is because when sending a CV to a company, we like to make a good impression. However, we know that this good impression starts with the resume template that is sent. Obviously, everything contained in it will also be subject to evaluation.

Another point is that we shouldn't write a CV in a hurry and end up sending it anyway. It was with this in mind that the applications that help were created at the time of assembling this document. Don't forget that your resume will be the gateway to a good job.

Considering all this, we created an article especially about application to create a resume. Until the end, we will mention some of the best ones that you can use whenever you need to create this document. Follow us until the end and better understand how they work after installation.

5 application options for creating a resume

Microsoft Word

We know this app is a classic. However, it is very useful and versatile when it comes to creating a good CV. You will have the chance to adapt the templates you want. This way, you can send different CVs to companies. To do this, you can analyze the model that the company has and whether it fits with that chosen model.

After viewing the application, check out some of the Jobs available.


In this application, the models are ready-made. The only thing you need is to fill them in with your information. We can see that this will be a real help if you don't have much time in your daily life. In this app, you will also have numerous templates for letters, digital books and reports if you need to send them to the company.

The tip we give you is that if you have sent a CV template, send the same report template. This way, you will show yourself as an organized and job-ready person.

After viewing the application, check out some of the Jobs available.

Free CV

This application is even more complete with models for you to use. You can use all the options you want for free. You can also change the file size and model. It is also very important to use a feature that it releases that allows you to give a name to the created file.

This makes it much easier to send your resume by email to a company. This way, they will be able to save their resume without losing it among many files. However, even if you don't choose this application to create your document, always follow this tip. Have you ever thought about receiving an email or notification that does not contain the sender's data?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it will not be easy to find it if it is lost after some time.

After viewing the application, check out some of the Jobs available.

Canva CV making app

How can I make a resume on Canva? Isn't it just for creating design and art for Instagram? The answer is no. You can assemble your document in countless ways using the Canva. In addition to paying absolutely nothing for it, you can edit whenever you need. Even if it has already been finished.

It will be essential if what you want is to create a file with surrounding colors and shapes that are different from the conventional ones. The entire catalog it has is customizable and you can also insert a photo of your face. The categories are different, and you can use the most minimalist or the most enthusiastic.

After viewing the application, check out some of the Jobs available.

Google Docs

This is another way to create your resume without paying exactly anything for it. This tool that Google makes available gives you the opportunity to edit the texts, and customize the document the way you think is most similar to you. When using your cell phone, you will have access to more than 3 different models.

All changes will be saved in real time in your Google account. They will also be available for you to send to any communication application, including emails. You will also have the opportunity to insert links like those on social networks.

Another option is that if you already have a job and are currently working from home, you can use this link so that two people can edit the file at the same time. This prevents time from being spent on minor changes.

After viewing the application, check out some of the Jobs available.

Now that we understand better about resume applications, how about choosing two to try and create your own? We hope you enjoyed our content. If you have any questions, leave your comment and we will respond shortly. To the next!