Earn money by sending links with the Mello app

Who has never shared a link with friends and acquaintances, whether of an interesting product or funny content?

Earn money by sending links with the Mello app - Cenário Aberto
Earn money by sending links with the Mello – Cenário Aberto app

Now, you can turn this practice into a way to make money! The Mello application offers this opportunity to its users, through the “Shared Link” function.

But how does it work and how to take advantage of this opportunity? Keep reading to find out!

How to earn money by sending links with the Mello app:

  • Download the Mello app and create an account
  • On the home screen, click on the “Shared Link” option
  • Choose one of the available links to share on your social networks or with friends
  • When sharing, be sure to use the link generated by Mello, so that the system can track and count views and conversions
  • Receive a commission in M Coins every time someone visits the shared link and makes a conversion, such as a purchase or sign-up

Tips to optimize your earnings:

  • Choose links that are relevant to your audience and can generate conversions
  • Use eye-catching text that draws the audience’s attention to click on the link
  • Share the link on different social networks and WhatsApp groups
  • Monitor your earnings through the app itself, to find out which links are generating the most conversions
  • Don't miss the opportunity to earn money in a simple and practical way, by sharing links with the Mello app!

Brief explanation of the Mello app:

Mello is an application that offers different ways to earn money, from games to referrals from friends.

The app has its own currency, called M Coins, which can be converted into real money.

To withdraw, simply accumulate the minimum amount of M Coins required and request the withdrawal, which will be processed within 7 business days.

Furthermore, the app has an affiliate system, where it is possible to earn a commission when recommending the app to friends and acquaintances.


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