Winning R$100 in the Santander challenge, does it work? Look

Each task can be completed independently and guarantees R$ 20. The more challenges completed, the greater the reward, according to Santander Bank.

Santander is offering up to R$ 100 credit on the card bill for those who take part in the Santander Challenge campaign. To gain access to the prize, customers must complete a number of tasks. The initiative is valid until July 31st. Find out more about the new feature below!

There are five challenges to overcome. Each one works independently. In other words, if you sign up for the campaign and complete one of the tasks, you'll receive R$ 20. If they achieve the goal of two tasks, they will receive R$ 40 and so on.

What are Santander's challenges? Check them out

Challenge #1 - Rent a Credit Card: In addition to renting a new card from the bank, customers must make an initial credit purchase by July 31. In addition to the physical version, online card transactions are accepted.

Challenge 2 - Take out an additional credit card: Simply add a new credit card to the main cardholder (holder), either an additional card or a Santander Pass which can be a sticker, a watch pendant or a bracelet. In addition, the first ticket purchase must be made by July 31st.

#3 Challenge - Make 3 online card purchases: You must make 3 purchases with the online card generated in the Way app by July 31. Each transaction must have a minimum value of R$ 50.

#4 Challenge - Card upgrade: The user must upgrade a card to a higher category, unlock it and make a first credit purchase by December 31st, July.

#5 Challenge - Register with Open Finance: This challenge requires you to register with Open Finance by July 31. The operation can be done via the Way app.

It's all very simple. Just join the promotion (click here), complete some (or all) of the challenges above and receive the funds as a credit on your card statement.

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