How to make money reviewing apps? – 2 effective ways

Nowadays, with all the existing technology, there are countless ways to actually make money online. Whether through extra income apps or Google Ads, earning a extra income without leaving your home has never been so easy.

Many people, especially laypeople, still don't believe in the possibility of making money on the internet, but that's because they are laypeople and have no idea of the universe of processes behind an application, the amount of tests and evaluations that exist, to that it leaves its beta phase and finally reaches digital platforms for download.

It's basically the process of every physical product: it is produced and then people are invited or hired to test whether the product works effectively. It works the same way with applications: it is produced, enters the beta phase, is tested and evaluated by several people of different ages and with different tastes.

But saying this to you is very easy. I'm sure the question that surrounds your thoughts is still “Okay, but how do I make money evaluating these apps?”. Calm! I brought the entire process so that you can leave this article and be able to earn extra income without leaving home. Follow me side by side in this content if you want to know more details.

How can you make money with app reviews?

It's simpler than you can imagine. Developers of new applications on the market need and beg for people who are interested in evaluating their applications that are in the beta phase, in testing. When they find these people (you) who are interested in earning extra income by evaluating their app, they allow these people to download the app in beta phase.

When downloading the beta phase of the app, whoever is evaluating must carry out weekly/monthly assessments, which can be recorded in the format of interviews or written reports. The evaluation vision will always be done in a personal way, whether relaxed, serious or polite, the point is to be sincere and detailed as to what can be changed/improved within the application.

What is the “Beta Phase” of an application?

The beta phase of an application is when the app has not yet reached its final result. It is the most important phase of any application, as it is where all technical and practical usability testing takes place, where real users like you are paid to test and evaluate the application, telling you where it can be improved. Its constructive criticism that makes you money.

How to make money reviewing apps? - Open Scenario
How to make money reviewing apps? – Open Scenario

How long does the Beta Phase of an application last?

It depends. This is the most accurate answer, and it is defined by N factors! Some applications are simpler and others are more complete. In any case, you are the person who directly benefits from the beta phase of the application.

The longer the beta phase lasts, the longer you can be paid to evaluate/test the application. Whether you leave the beta phase or not have the project completed, you receive the same payment.

How to be an “app reviewer”?

Making money by evaluating apps is not a well-known form of extra income and that is why few people know how to actually become one of these app reviewers. The reality is that there are 2 effective ways to get noticed by developers and finally earn extra money working with them.

1ST WAY: enter the PlayStore or AppStore and look for ads for apps that are in their beta phase. After a registration evaluation carried out by the development team itself, you will be able to evaluate the apps and receive payment for it.

2nd WAY: If you are within the selected audience who might like to use the app, the famous “sponsored” ones will appear in your foryou or feed, which could be apps that are still in the beta testing phase, so just register in the same way and wait to be accepted by the app developers.

How much do you earn evaluating apps?

Payment varies greatly, depending on the application and where it is in the beta phase. To avoid being left in the lurch, always ask carefully about all these important details about payments and rules. Keep in mind that it's just extra income. You can't live comfortably just evaluating apps.

On average for each evaluation you will receive between $40 and $50 dollars. I hope you enjoyed this content and that it was useful. Don't waste any more time, huh!? Make good use of this content and go raise some extra money.

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