Rei do Pitaco – Game known for making a user a millionaire!

Are you passionate about football and looking for a good Fantasy Game style game? Here we will show you the main topics of the King of Pitaco, a game where you choose your favorite teams! We'll also tell you its usage features, entry fees to line up your team, the prizes you'll receive in each match, types of championship games and much more!

Rei do Pitaco - Open Scenario
Rei do Pitaco – Open Scenario

What is the Rei do Pitaco game?

Rei do Pitaco is an electronic game, available for download on iOS and Android devices. Application where you basically choose football stars from different national and international championships, main championships such as: Brasileirão, Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and international ones like the Champions League, Premier League, among others.

Betting works online but everything will depend on real-life, live games. Watch the biggest football matches on the app that offers access to live broadcasts with exclusive content from the main championships and leagues in the world. 

Within the game you have several opportunities to play in short-range leagues, leagues where you will compete for big prizes for each game you play. The registration fee is well below the cost, normally ranging from R$5 to R$20 in real terms and with prizes of up to 50x the amount bet at the end of the match possible!

Responsible for rewarding the highest value of Fantasy games in Latin America, the application guarantees good security, exclusivity and leagues with a high value of prizes, released in any round.

What the application offers:

  • Reserve bench with 5 players. (there is no reserve bench in a single game)
  • You can choose your teams until the last minute before the match starts;
  • You don't need to wait until the end of the championship to receive your prize, prizes are distributed at the end of every round;
  • Every day there are new markets open for you to join your team;
  • You don't need to win 1st place to win the prizes.


Team Assembly:

Users can field their own teams by choosing multiple real players from different types of teams. Each player has a market value (score), and users have a limited budget to build their teams.


You can join public Leagues or create private leagues to compete with friends. Some competitions may have any type of prizes for the winners.

Transfers and Changes:

At first you will need to deposit the amount you want to start with your lineups, these transfers can be made in different ways: Pix, Picpay and credit card (some personal data will be required for better security) Depending on the rules, users can make transfers or changes to their teams between game rounds.

Rankings and Awards:

Users can track their performance through rankings of other players and compete for different types of prizes, depending on the league or competition.

Information and Statistics:

The application can provide information and statistics about players and teams that can help users make informed decisions when assembling their teams.

Social interaction:

Some platforms include social interaction features, allowing users to communicate, challenge friends and share their results on social media.

Fantasy team players earn points based on their actual performance in matches. For example, goals, assists, goalkeeper saves, and other positive events earn points, while cards and goals conceded can result in points being lost.

Leagues and Competitions:

How does the prize work?

There are several users who are competing for their practices and knowledge of football for the same prize, so at the end of the match, the one who scored the most points will receive the biggest cash prize and the one who scored the fewest points will win the lowest value, thus working in a decreasing order. Normally the value is based on the amount raised in each online league.

There are not just cash prizes, there are users who have already won PlayStation 5, several cars and motorcycles were raffled off, as well as an exclusive trip to watch the end of the Champions League with everything paid for!

It is important to understand that the payment (prize) will vary according to the League you wish to participate in, each League has its own format, its prize pool, number of participants and winners.

Rei do Pitaco pays prizes per match or even per single game, as soon as all the match results are released, the game will pay you within two business days, making the credit available in your account. It is worth mentioning that the majority of users say they receive the amounts well before the deadline.

How much can I win at Rei do Pitaco?

Again, the value varies from League to League, the prize amounts are in line with the amount you will pay for entry. So you are aware of the prize pool before the entry bet, example of prize pool and entry into the League, double or nothing:

In the Double or Nothing League, 22 two people win double the entry fee that was paid, while the rest of the participants who didn't make it to the best score list don't win anything.”Double or nothing“. From the first person to the twenty-second, they earned the same amount. You will definitely understand better in practice.

We all know that the King of Pitaco is well known for having paid an Amazonian user the amount of R$ 1 million reais in cash in the first round of the Brasileirão! Overall, this is what you need to learn when thinking about starting to play at Rei do Pitaco, until next time!


O "King of Pitaco” is a fantasy gaming app aimed at football lovers. It allows you to form your own squad of football stars, choosing from players who play in real life. But be careful, there is a budget limit, so you need to be strategic when selecting athletes!

You can test your tactical skills against other football fans by participating in different leagues and competitions. Some of them even offer prizes for those who stand out. And if you want a more personal challenge, you have the option of creating private leagues and inviting friends.


How can I create a team in Rei do Pitaco?

In the app, follow the steps to select players within your budget and create your team.

How are points calculated in Rei do Pitaco?

Points are based on the actual performance of the chosen players, considering criteria such as goals, assists and saves.

Can I participate in multiple leagues and competitions?

Yes, you can participate in several public and private leagues simultaneously.

How is the rating of players on my team determined?

Scoring is based on players' actual performance in matches, including criteria such as goals scored, assists and defensive performance.

Can I participate in multiple leagues and competitions?

Yes, you can participate in several public and private leagues simultaneously.