Looking for a job in Mexico and surrounding areas? Find more than 400 vacancies at OXXO

If you are one of the people looking for a job, in various locations within the Mexican region and surrounding areas, hundreds of opportunities are being advertised.

FEMSA remains one of the largest multinational companies in Mexico, having gigantic operations within the market, such as OXXO.

Looking for a Job at OXXO - Open Scenario
Looking for a Job at OXXO – Open Scenario

At OXXO conveniences alone, more than 400 job vacancies are being offered, as of the date of this article.

Some of the regions where vacancies are being announced are: Tecamac, Naucalpan, Mexico City, Leon, Monterrey, among many others!

All vacancies, in these and other cities, are available for the most varied positions, such as: warehouse assistant, machine operator, stock clerk, distribution assistant.

Many positions remained vacant due to the pandemic that occurred since 2020.

Several people were removed from their positions, leaving free space for new employees 2 years later, with the economy stabilizing again.


This is the ideal time for anyone looking for a permanent or temporary job.

The average salary for each vacancy can vary greatly, as it largely depends on the location, the position and the OXXO subsidiary where you want to get a job. However, we can highlight that salaries can reach up to 3 thousand, for permanent employees in management positions. Open positions to be filled can be found either in official FEMSA career website for OXXO, as well as through the Indeed platform.

Tips for job seekers

Remember that the better organized your CV is, with training and experience, the better regarded you will be by FEMSA recruiters. In addition, you may also be finding a position with a higher salary level and better benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-level job, we emphasize that it is important to have a well-filled CV with good details.

OXXO always looks for people who have brief sales experience, with opportunities that can earn you a salary of 52 thousand per year. Job vacancies are available for different times and locations. They also hire temporary employees, or just for weekends.

Various vacancies in different cities

We remind you that you can find more than 400 vacancies, but not just in one location. You need to look for vacancies near your location. Continue with the article, as we will help you with this!

OXXO has thousands of stores throughout Latin America. In the latest OXXO store count, in April 2023, there were more than 19,000 stores in Mexico alone. In addition to being in the process of expanding in different countries in Latin America.

Some of the cities in Mexico where OXXO stores are hiring are:

  • Ciudad Obregon
  • Monterrey
  • Querétaro
  • Chihuahua
  • Irapuato
  • Merida
  • Toluca
  • Leon
  • Juarez
  • Hermosillo

Most of the positions available to OXXO are for attendant and assistant positions. For these positions, professional experience is not required, but it is preferable that the candidate at least has ease with the public in terms of communication and knowledge in the area of sales and service.

Some of the vacancies at OXXO

We have arrived to show just some of the more than 400 vacancies available within OXXO throughout Latin America. Remembering that all these vacancies were taken from the FEMSA – OXXO careers website, and you can check each of them by accessing the website. Check out:

  • Store Assistant – Mexico, MX
  • Store Consultant – Mexico, MX
  • New employee trainer – Mexico Valle, MX
  • Store Assistant – Mexico City, MX
  • Store Assistant – Durango, MX
  • Store attendant – Obregon, MX
  • Stock Loader – Toluca, MX
  • Gas station attendant – Monterrey, MX
  • Head of sector – Monterrey, MX
  • Customer Service – Saltillo, MX
  • Employee Training Assistant – Veracruz, MX
  • Accounting Assistant – Querétaro, MX
  • General helper – Querétaro, MX
  • Head of Recruitment – Guadalajara, MX
  • Warehouse Manager – Morelia, MX
  • Operations Assistant – Guadalupe, MX
  • Delivery receiver – Aguascalientes, MX
  • Data Analyst – Monterrey, MX
  • Cleaning Helper – Tijuana, MX

When searching for vacancies, you will notice that many of them are for assistants, in specific areas. For these positions, no experience is needed, just a little knowledge of service. Now, for other vacancies, such as head of sector, it is necessary to have a good CV, with training and experience. In general, what is enough is to have a good understanding of customer service.

Right place to get a job

The FEMSA careers website is the right place for you to find the job you need, within your salary preferences and area of interest. Through an intuitive layout, you can segment your city, company you want (OXXO) and even the position you have in mind.

When you find the position you want, just follow the step-by-step instructions with your documentation and CV. Don't waste any more time and get your job at OXXO.

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