mSpy: Clone WhatsApp without being detected

If feeling out of control in relationships sucks, we know that. Whether it's not knowing what your child is exposed to on the internet, or not knowing if your partner is really faithful to you... No one deserves that heavy heart.

Keeping an eye on the online movements of the ones we love, nowadays, is very possible. Checking messages, searches, location, emails, calls and everything else they do on their cell phone screen, when they think no one is watching.

Did you find this idea interesting? Throughout this article I will present all the functions, benefits and controls that mSpy offers.

Here you can also check how to install mSpy.

What is mSpy?

This software is the leader when it comes to personal monitoring, be it marital, parental or business monitoring.

It lets you check exact location, shared media, what searches are being done, current and deleted text messages. Every touch is seen, and all undetected.

Benefits of mSpy

Marital Monitoring

It's a fact. Everyone is subject to betrayal. We cannot control the actions and character of our partners, but letting yourself be deceived is a choice.

Conjugal Control -Open Scenario / Source: Canva

Conjugal Control – Open Scenario / Source: Canva

Out of debt, out of danger“, this line of thought is very simple and can save relationships shaken by mistrust. If you are going through this today, proposing to your partner to be 100% transparent in the relationship is a great idea.

If he/she agrees, you will have in your hands the monitoring of every keystroke, every place he/she visited, calls he/she received, photos he/she shared or received. If he/she doesn't agree, you'll know that something is wrong...

Parental Monitoring

Most parents know how powerless and preoccupied with their children feels in today's digital world. Children and adolescents are increasingly vulnerable on the internet, and we often overlook the threats and dangers technology places them in.

Parental Control - Open Scenario / Source: Canva

Parental Control – Open Scenario / Source: Canva

However, this is a two-way street. The internet, and technology, in addition to offering risks, such as online predators, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, also offers security. MSpy revolutionizes the question of digital security for children and teenagers.

With this monitoring software, parents can take care of the content seen by their children and be ready for whatever threats.

Function Topics

Applications that can be monitored:


Functions for WhatsApp - Source:

In addition to browsing through all data such as date, times, call durations, you will also be able to read all sent and received messages, analyze media, including storage.

facebook messenger

Functions for Facebook Messenger - Source:

All conversations including group conversations will be under control. From conversation times, to the identity of who that other person is on the other side of the screen.


Functions for Instagram - Source:

Can read all messages sent and received via DM, including links. With the option of screen recordings, which you will see now, you will be able to recover temporary conversations.


Functions for SnapChat - Source:

Seeing images that have already been deleted can be very useful if you can't keep up with everything in real time. In addition to being able to monitor texts and important details of calls and messages.


Functions for SMS - Source:

It is very important for anyone who wants to be in control, to know EVERYTHING about that specific message. Who sent? Which messages were deleted or received?

Integrated controls:

screen recorder

Screen Recorder - Source:

See exactly what they see on their cell phone screen. From searches to sharing and access. Everything is saved in the screenshot from the moment you you decide!

key-by-key tracking

KeyLogger - Source:

Working in the background and completely invisibly, the tool captures key by key what is being typed and assembles a document to be read later.

Content blocker for adults

Adult Content Blocker - Source:

In the control panel, just go to Restricted access > Add all possible sites that your child will find “unwanted” content.

high precision phone tracker

Phone Tracker - Source:

The entire trajectory on a detailed map: addresses, times, coordinates – all with the highest precision.

Compatibility with Android and iPhone

The spy app is compatible with both android how much with iphone.

mSpy on Android:

  • Physical access to cell phone required
  • Direct installation on mobile
  • Media monitoring without the need for root
  • works in the background
  • Compatible with all Android devices from version 4.0
  • 24 hour support

mSpy on iPhone

  • iCloud credentials are required
  • Functions available for jailbroken devices
  • “lite” version available
  • works in the background
  • Compatible with iOS7 and 14
  • 24 hour support
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I hope you have understood well what the spy app offers and, above all, you have enjoyed the content. Enough with the insecurity of not knowing what is happening on the cell phone screen of the one you love, “behind your back”.

mSpy – FAQ

Short articles have been made to help users with these frequently asked questions. check below

Is there any way to prevent the mSpy app from being installed on my device without my knowledge?

To avoid unauthorized installation of the mSpy app, it is important to adopt good security practices, such as not sharing your device with untrustworthy people, avoiding installing apps from unknown sources, and keeping your operating system and apps always up to date.

In addition, we recommend using strong passwords and enabling security features such as two-factor authentication.

What are the main signs that my device might be being spied on by mSpy?

Some potential signs that your device may be being monitored by mSpy include: rapid battery draining, excessive device heating, slow or erratic performance, increased data consumption, strange device behavior (such as unexplained reboots or shutdowns), and the presence of unknown or suspicious apps on your device.

Is it possible to completely remove all information and traces left by mSpy after uninstallation?

After uninstalling the mSpy application, it is expected that most of the information and traces will be removed. However, it is important to point out that complete removal may depend on several factors, such as the operating system on the device and the effectiveness of the uninstallation.

It is recommended to follow the uninstall instructions provided by mSpy or use reliable security tools to ensure a more thorough removal.

Is there any difference in uninstalling mSpy on jailbroken/rooted devices and on unmodified devices?

Generally, uninstalling mSpy should follow similar procedures on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken/rooted devices. However, on devices with modifications such as jailbreak (iOS) or root (Android), there may be a need to take extra measures, such as restoring the device to factory settings, to ensure complete removal of mSpy and any related traces.

Is the use of mSpy detectable by mobile operators or mobile device manufacturers?

mSpy is designed to operate discreetly and invisibly to device users. However, detection of mSpy usage may vary depending on several factors such as operating system, device security settings and detection measures implemented by telephone operators or mobile device manufacturers.

In general, it's difficult to say with certainty whether mSpy use is detectable by carriers or manufacturers without specific information about their detection methods.

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