Nubank is giving R$50.00 on the app, true or false?

An initial balance of R$ 50.00 via payment app will be released by Nubank. Digital bank customers have a credit card with several benefits, such as: no annual fee.

However, credit card approval is subject to analysis based on various criteria and, when approved, is generally low limit, which does not meet the customer's needs.

When issuing a credit card, known as Roxinho, to a customer who does not have very favorable financial conditions, the initial limit released by Nubank is usually R$ 50.00. Consumers with the lowest credit ratings are often denied credit limits. In general, customers who are in debt, have late payments or have a low score do not have access to many financial benefits.

However, to help customers, Nubank releases a limit of R$ 50.00 to analyze the customer's financial conditions and thus grant a higher credit limit in the future.

How can I get a limit increase on my nubank card?

Pay your Nubank bill on time
If you specify a debtor as a debtor, always pay bills by the due date.

Focus your spending on your card
Use the full amount of the limit available amount. This way, when using the services offered by the bank, the institution can outline the consumer's profile and realize that they will need more limits.

Keep your name clean
Let the name be denied in consumer protection agencies Credit makes it difficult to access more limits, always try to pay your bills on time.

Keep data up to date
Another basic attitude is to keep the data updated because, if the customer has a higher income than originally communicated to the bank, Nubank may increase the card limit by updating the data.

Maintain a relationship with Nubank
To obtain a better limit, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with the bank and use other services offered by the financial institution such as: B. Insurance.

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