Nubank offers a yield of 200% CDI, check details.

Nubank has a new cashback credit card for its customers. The new ultraviolet card is covered in metal and does not have a number.

Nubank launched a cashback credit card for its customers about a year ago. The UV card is covered in metal and does not have a number. In it, the customer is entitled to 1% of cashback and gains of up to 200% of CDI, in addition to several benefits offered to MasterCard Black users.

Since the beginning of this year, several digital banking reporting customers have received invitations to participate in this modality. However, it is important to remember that the new Nubank card has been available since July 2021 and will be released gradually to everyone.

How does the annual fee for this type of nubank card work?

It is important to note that the majority of customers who received the Nubank Ultravioletas offer do not want to pay the annual fee for the card, which costs R$ 49.90. This is because many users do not spend the monthly minimum of R$ 5,000 to obtain the exemption.

The basic Nubanks card now continues to have no fees, annual fees or minimum, so users do not pay any fees.

Contacted through communication channels, the fintech said it had increased the release of cards for new customers. Ultraviolet invitations will be available both to customers registered on the interest list and to those who have a spending profile compatible with the card.

What kind of advantage does this new nubank card offer?

Ultraviolet is the black Nubanks MasterCard. The design does not have the customer's name printed on the metal card. It offers its customers some advantages such as:

  • Travel insurance;
  • VIP Airport Lounges;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Car Insurance;
  • Boingo Wi-Fi;
  • 1% Cashback (on each purchase with around 200% CDI return.)

Now, due to the benefits it offers, the card is not free and only serves a subset of Nubank customers.

Unlike the company's standard card, Ultravioleta charges an initial monthly fee of R$ 49.90. Anyone who spends more than R$ 5,000 or invests more than R$ 150,000 in their Nubank account or invests in NuInvest can use Ultravioleta with no annual fee.

Finally, if the Nubank Ultraviolet card is not shared with you, sign up for the prospect list. The process is quick and only requires a few details such as CPF and email. The banking team will get back to you shortly with a response

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