Personal Loan: how to get one with a bad credit history?

A personal loan is what many people look for as a source of solution, in situations of lack of money, or as a shortcut to short-term achievements. Billions of people around the world every year take out a personal loan even though many of them are in bad debt. So stay calm. If you need a loan and are negative, there is hope.

In the world of personal finance, one of the biggest challenges people face is obtaining credit, especially when it is negative. Negation may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but it is not the end of the line. There are ways and solutions to get your loan.

How is it possible to obtain a personal loan if you are in negative condition?

Having a negative name makes it a little complicated, but it doesn't make it impossible to get a loan. Financial and alternative institutions offer loan types that take the individual's situation into account. However, caution is needed as conditions may include higher interest rates, reflecting the greater risk involved for the lender.

What are the best options?

  1. Payroll loan: Ideal for public employees, pensioners and workers from partner companies, as the installments are deducted directly from the salary or benefit.
  2. Secured loan: Presenting a material asset, such as a house or car, can increase the chances of approval, as it reduces the risk for the loan lender and can guarantee more attractive rates.
  3. Credit unions and alternative institutions: They generally have greater flexibility in loan granting criteria and fairer interest rates.
  4. Fintechs and peer-to-peer lending platforms: These online services often have different evaluation processes and may be more receptive to those who are negative.
Personal Loan - Open Scenario
Personal Loan – Open Scenario

Is there a risk in taking out loans when you are negative?

Yes. Conditions for loans for negative borrowers often include higher interest rates and shorter loan repayment terms. It is essential to fully understand the terms, calculate whether the installments will fit into your budget, and consider the real need.

How to prepare to apply for a loan?

  1. Know your own budget: Be clear about all expenses and income to understand your ability to pay the loan.
  2. Compare options: Do not accept the first offer without first researching and comparing the conditions of different lenders.
  3. Understand the terms of the loan: It is crucial to understand all clauses and terms of the contract, including interest rates, deadlines, and consequences if a payment is late.

Is it possible to improve your credit score while paying off your loan?

Yes! Keeping your loan payments on time can help rebuild your credit score. Furthermore, minimizing existing debts, keeping registration data updated with credit protection agencies and opening a dialogue with creditors are recommended practices.


While being negative presents challenges in accessing credit, it is not exactly a barrier. There are paths for those who find themselves in this situation.

The secret is to stay calm, make informed choices and use any loan as a tool for financial rehabilitation, not just a quick fix.

We hope that this content was of good use and that you were able to resolve your doubts about personal loans for negative people.

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