Turkish soap operas – See where to watch the best titles

Are you unsure of where to watch your Turkish soap operas? Here we will show you the platforms where you can watch the best soap operas full of drama, revenge, romance and ambition in dubbed or subtitled mode. See the synopsis of the soap operas and watch the best titles on the following platforms:

Turkish soap operas and their platforms:


Fatmagul – Premiered in (2010)

Gender: Romantic drama.

Chapters: The drama has 169 episodes.

Summary: This Turkish soap opera tells about the beautiful Fatmagul who lives in a very humble village in Turkey, in a coastal city with her brother, Rahmi, and her sister-in-law, Mukaddes. She is very eager to marry her childhood sweetheart, the fisherman Mustafa. With her wedding scheduled with her childhood friend, the young woman sees her life take a different direction after being the victim of a tragedy that changed her life.

Bitter Earth – (2018)

Soap Opera - Open Scenario
Soap Opera – Open Scenario

Gender: Drama romance.

Chapter: The soap opera has 141 episodes in total.

Summary: The soap opera is about a young couple who dream of being together, but end up having to face difficulties involving evil, tyranny and ambition. The Turkish soap opera Terra Amarga follows the plot that begins in the city of Istanbul in the early 70s, on the eve of Zuleyha and Yilmaz's wedding, the happy atmosphere ends after a powerful mobster tries to abuse the girl.


A miracle – (2021)

Gender: Medical drama.

Chapters: The Turkish soap opera has 177 episodes separated by 2 seasons.

Summary: Since he was little, Ali Vefa's dream has always been to become a doctor. The young man suffers from a rare condition called “Sage Syndrome“, even so he dedicated himself to completing his medical studies. To specialize, he leaves his small hometown and travels to Istanbul to work as a resident in the surgical department of a famous hospital, where his mentor is a chief physician.
There he will have to face his social limitations and the prejudices of his colleagues and patients, but he will also find a family capable of finding value in his special abilities.


Gender: Romance drama.

Chapters: 114 episodes in total.

Summary: Kemal is one of three children from a modest family who lives in a humble neighborhood in Istanbul. However, Kemal does not have big goals in life because he believes that his dreams are limited due to his reality, his goal is to earn his daily bread and survive.

Nihan, on the other hand, is a stunning young woman from a wealthy family. Her father's company is going bankrupt and if she married a millionaire businessman she could save the company from bankruptcy. Kemal's world turns upside down when Nihan appears in his monotonous life. Even though they are from two completely different worlds, could they find true love?

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Common questions

Where to watch Turkish soap operas?

Globoplay: This streaming platform has a selection of Turkish soap operas, including exclusives such as “Fatmagul“​.

HBO Max: In addition to Globoplay, HBO Max also makes Turkish soap operas available to the Brazilian public.

Where to watch Turkish soap operas dubbed into Portuguese?

The platforms mentioned above may offer dubbed or subtitled options.

Where to watch the Turkish soap opera Mom?

The Turkish soap opera “Mother” is available on the Globoplay platform.

How to translate Turkish soap operas?

If Portuguese subtitles are not available, you can translate through online resources or even download Portuguese subtitles through channels in the Telegram app, there you will find subtitles for your Turkish soap opera.


Turkish soap operas have gained prominence and admiration from the Brazilian public for their engaging plots, deep characters and stunning settings. Whether it's the unexpected romance between Kemal and Nihan in “Amor Sem Fim”, the challenges faced by Ali Vefa in “Um Milagre”, or the gripping dramas of “Fatmagul” and “Terra Amarga”, these soap operas offer a window into the culture, universal human emotions and challenges. For those interested in delving into these fascinating plots, Globoplay and HBO MAX appear as the main platforms to enjoy these stories dubbed in Portuguese. No matter what genre you prefer, there is a Turkish soap opera waiting to capture your heart.