How to measure and increase Internet speed? – NitroNet free app

How can I increase my wifi speed by myself? Can I measure internet speed at home without a technician? Can I increase my Wi-Fi without even leaving home? Which app really works to measure internet speed and which one can I use?

NitroNet is the ideal application for testing internet speed when it comes to practicality and additional improvement options. The Wi-Fi measurement application is very suggestive and has usage tutorials that will help you get rid of your slow Internet and still compete for R$1,000.00 per week.

Many people have a real question about how they can measure internet speed. Many seem to think it is an impossible task that can only be performed by a network technician. This is because they don't even suspect the existence of the NitroNet application.

But how to measure and increase internet speed? Don't worry, this will get easier for you! Just follow this article with us until the end and discover details and information about this application. Stay with us!

NitroNet app: download and win R$1,000.00 per week

App users are in for a surprise! Every week, R$1000.00 will be drawn for those who downloaded the app, kept it installed on their cell phone and carried out at least one speed measurement per week. The winners of the draw will be chosen at random every week and you can participate as long as you have used the app for more than 7 days.

Application to measure internet speed: complete measurement reports

Your internet measurement through NitroNet will be sent to you through complete reports on your cell phone and the measurement will take a maximum of 5 minutes. The report will help you understand what times of the day the Wi-Fi signal peaks, which internet plans are ideal for your use and the use of your family.

Several signal meter applications do not deliver what they promise and end up leaving something to be desired for users who download them. NitroNet on the other hand, delivers on all its usage promises.

Increase your internet speed: internet meter and amplifier

In addition to measure the speed of your Wi-Fi signal, the application also has measures to increase network speed by around 80%. But how does this happen? The main thing about the app is to analyze all the characteristics of your network, as well as your internet storage and cache. This way, it has access to dead data that could be weighing down and slowing down your Wi-Fi browsing speed.

Application to Measure Internet - Open Scenario
Internet Measurement Application – Open Scenario

This type of cleaning of your network data helps a lot when you need more Wi-Fi speed to watch movies or play games with friends. The app also offers the option to increase your plan, where it identifies your internet operator and calculates the ideal package for you along with additional promotions.

Speed increase and Wi-Fi signal amplifier: portable router

Increasing your internet speed is cool, but have you ever thought that there's no point in having good internet speed if the signal is bad? So it is. NitroNet, in addition to increasing the speed of your network, will also help you amplify the signal to more distant rooms in your home, as if it were a router. The difference between the app for a router is that the app is free and you just need to download it.

Especially if your home is very open and has large rooms, the chance of the Wi-Fi signal not reaching certain rooms is huge. That's why the NitroNet app is the best app you can have when it comes to internet speed and power.

Count on the best network reports, speed increase options, signal amplification and even weekly draws worth 1,000 reais. Download NitroNet. It is free and you will see a significant improvement in your Wi-Fi network.

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