Revolut Loans: Benefits and Details

Revolut is pleased to introduce its innovative lending service. With this recent proposal, customers have the possibility of requesting loans between 900 and 30,000 easily and quickly. Revolut's loan application process offers customers a convenient way to get the service they deserve.


The application allows the user to manage their credit in an intuitive and simple way, offers the option of changing payment dates and allows the payment to be split without increasing the extra amount at the end of the installments. The interest rate is adjusted according to the user profile. The annual fixed interest rate (TIN) varies between 3.49% and 14.49%. If purchases or things like that are cancelled, expenses will not be added either.

Always confirm your loan details

To avail Revolut loans, customers need to install the app. The in-app loan option is available to a small group of users and is being offered to more and more customers. If you want to access Revolut loans, you'll need to put your name on a waiting list and wait for it to be published on your Revolut app.

The process for taking out a loan on Revolut is similar to the others. Once the application is approved, the funds will be deposited directly into the applicant's Revolut account. The moment the amount enters the customer's Revolut account, the customer agrees to pay the full amount within the previously agreed deadline. The customer can also, after the first payment, review the period they chose to pay the loan.

How to get a loan now

The arrival of Revolut loans coincided with the company's rise in the financial sector. Because it is concerned with offering the best solutions to each client according to their needs, Revolut has strengthened its presence and increased its team.

Revolut, together with Dynata, carried out a study and concluded that approximately 1/3 of customers believe that credit was the pillar of their financial achievements, and almost 20% of young people and adults avoid taking out a loan because they don't know how practical it can be. to be. to be.

In the words of Eduarto Toribio: “Asking for a loan should be a simple and uncomplicated act. Users' needs are a priority at Revolut when offering personal loans. This way we know that we will be breaking the standards in this “Financial Scenario. The goal is for our loans to actually be a blessing and not a detriment.”

Benefits of a loan

  1. Availability of additional funds: A loan provides an immediate opportunity to access additional money that you can use for various purposes such as
    pay off debts, make investments in your personal or professional life, buy a house, a car or other important assets.

  2. Freedom to use your money however you want: You enjoy the autonomy to spend your loan capital according to your individual needs. There are no rules about how you should use the money, as long as you respect the agreements and conditions with your lender.

  3. Variety of terms and terms: Loans often have many options for duration and payment methods. You can choose a period that suits your financial situation and agree to make monthly, semi-annual or annual payments as agreed with Revolut.

  4. Strengthening your credit history: By sticking to your loan repayment schedule and following agreed terms, you will help improve your credit profile. A good credit history will allow you to access future credit with interest rates that are more attractive to you.

  5. Opportunity to get lower interest rates: Depending on your credit profile and other financial factors, you may be able to get a loan with competitive interest rates. This means that the total interest cost you will pay over the life of the loan may be lower, resulting in considerable savings.