ANSES Loans, Personal and Business without Credit History: With Revolut

Personal and Business Loans are a huge demand in the market, and Revolut Fintech has thought about this in every detail, to today be one of the largest Loan Lenders in existence. Revolut loans have helped millions of people achieve their dreams and goals easily, quickly, and fairly.

Without a credit history review, Revolut loans are often approved quickly. Revolut does not ask for any cash advances from individuals who want to apply for personal loans. Business loans, unlike personal loans, tend to require a collateral amount, depending on the amount of the loan.

How to apply for a Revolut loan? Where to find the best rates? How can I get a large loan approved when it is negative? Why does Revolut release loans so easily? These and other questions will be answered in this content! Follow the text to find out everything you need about Revolut Personal and Business Loans.

Apply for a Personal or Business Loan at Revolut

On an intuitive and practical platform, with first-class service, Revolut transforms the way you apply for a loan. Whatever the type! After just 4 steps, you can get a loan. This takes around 10 minutes, while analyzing your information takes another 5. In 15 minutes your loan can be released.

  1. Login to your financial account: Go to the Revolut website and look for the loans area to choose a personal or business loan. If you don't have an account, it will be available for you to register.
  2. Inform values and deadlines of interest: Enter the desired loan amount, when you will start paying and how many installments you want.
  3. Identity confirmation: Confirm your identity with an original document with photo and proof of residence.
  4. Reason for loan: In the last step, you should write about why you are asking for this loan. At this stage you can be completely honest, Revolut values this.

How do loans work?

If the company sees that you are eligible to apply for a loan, confirming your identity and interests, they can make the final application for your loan. Once the request is made, it will be sent to the approval process and within a few minutes it will be accepted or rejected.

Loan Rates and Terms

The terms and rates of your loan will be sent to you in detail via your contact email, which you registered when you registered on the platform.

Your email will also send you details about receiving the loan funds that have been deposited into your Revolut account.

Are there downsides to Revolut personal loans?

Yes, but not for everyone. This issue means that eligibility is limited. This means that not all Revolut customers can apply for a personal or business loan. Depending on the case, the option to request a loan does not even appear.

In some cases, the amounts available may be limited for some customers. You will only be able to find out if your loan limit is and if you are eligible on your account.


A loan can make your dreams and goals come true. Revolut with its loans can be an important vector for your achievements. Before apply for your loan, remember the interest rates and check carefully if it’s worth it for you! We hope this article helped you and that you enjoy the instructions we gave you!

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