Loan Differences: Banco Nubank and Inter, see what changes.

Despite similar services, digital banks may differ in number when it comes to personal credit loans.

When it comes to digital banks, Nubank and Inter occupy prominent positions in the national financial scene. Both belong to the group of large fintechs that operate in Brazil and have a significant number of customers. Furthermore, they are known for loans with digital 100% application.

Many people have doubts about which of the two places is more advantageous to apply for a loan, considering that both have similarities in terms of service. And to show that there is a disconnect between the institutions, UBS BB analysts decided to write the main difference between Nubank and Inter loans.

In practice, what changes in relation to the loan from the two banks?

Analysis by experts shows that the number of users who have requested a loan of at least R$ 200 from Nubank reaches 21 million. This equates to 45% of the digital bank's customer base.

In comparison, Inters' value is R$ 2 million, which represents 15% of total subscribers. The data is from the third quarter of 2021.

Therefore, Nubank's high cost risk compared to Inter is noticeable, despite the different provisioning policy and business model. However, considering the overall aspect, both companies charge similar implementation fees for each customer.

Pedro Henrique

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