Eletropaulo job openings: attendant, telephone attendant, accounting, engineering, operations, human resources, finance, marketing, field supervisor, electrician, maintenance electrician.

To the Eletropaulo job vacancies They are highly sought after by people who live in one of the 3 states (Ceará, Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, it also worked in Goiás, but lost the concession to Equatorial Energia), where the company operates.

Eletropaulo is an electrical energy company that offers several job opportunities for those who want to build a solid career.


Companies open 251 new vacancies for immediate start, without experience and training is provided by the company.

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If you are interested in applying for job openings offered by Eletropaulo, this article will provide you with the necessary information so that you can take advantage of these opportunities.

It will be explained how to register for the jobs of Eletropaulo, what documents are required and the stages of the selection process. Read with us until the end and understand better about the Eletropaulo job vacancies and how you can apply. Follow along!

What is Eletropaulo?

Eletropaulo (today ENEL) is an electrical energy distribution company, operating in Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Eletropaulo offers a variety of products and services related to electricity, such as:

  • Electrical power connection;
  • Electrical maintenance;
  • Installation of electrical equipment;
  • Lighting;
  • Supply of electrical energy for industry;
  • Commerce and services;
  • In addition to energy management solutions and renewable energy services.

It is a publicly traded company listed on B3.


How to apply for Eletropaulo job vacancies?

Signing up for Eletropaulo job vacancies is quite simple. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to apply for Eletropaulo job vacancies:

  • First, you must access the company's website, which is: https://www.enel.com.br/pt-saopaulo/;
  • Then, on the home page, locate the “Work with Us” tab (https://www.enel.com.br/pt-saopaulo/quemsomos/trabalhe-conosco.html), which can be found in the top right menu of the page;
  • Afterwards, click on this tab and you will be directed to the company's job openings section;
  • Here, you will have access to all available job opportunities;
  • Then choose the one that best suits your professional profile and then click the “Sign up” button;
  • You will then be directed to the registration page;
  • Here, you must fill in all your personal data, such as name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email, etc.;
  • In addition, you must also provide details of your curriculum, such as previous experiences, academic training, skills and competencies;
  • After filling in all the requested information, click “Send”;
  • Your resume will be sent to Eletropaulo's recruitment team;
  • This way, if the company is interested in your profile, you will receive a call or email to participate in the selection process.

What are the salaries paid in Eletropaulo job openings?

Eletropaulo offers competitive salaries, differentiating itself from other companies in the sector. The base salary is defined according to the position and the skills required to perform it.

In addition, the company offers other benefits, such as health plan, life insurance, private pension plan, food, transportation vouchers, among others.

Eletropaulo also carries out periodic performance assessments, so that employees can develop their skills and grow within the company. This assessment takes into account not only professional performance, but also participation in projects and training activities.

In short, salaries range from R$1,500.00 for operators, through R$4,000.00 for managers and up to R$12,000.00 for senior managers.

Eletropaulo also offers variable and/or fixed bonuses, depending on the objectives of the position, in addition to other performance awards. These benefits are a form of recognition and encouragement for employees’ work.

Finally, the company offers career opportunities for those who stand out and demonstrate commitment to the company's growth. Therefore, Eletropaulo is a company that offers fair and attractive salaries, as well as benefits and career opportunities.

Is it worth working in any of the Eletropaulo job openings?

Yes, it's very worth it. Eletropaulo is one of the largest electrical energy companies in Brazil, responsible for supplying energy to millions of Brazilians.

The company offers employment opportunities in various areas, such as engineering, accounting, operations, IT, human resources, finance, marketing and many others. Furthermore, Eletropaulo encourages employees to participate in training to improve and improve their knowledge in the area of activity.

Another positive point of working at Eletropaulo is the financial stability. The company offers employees competitive salaries and benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, food vouchers and transportation vouchers.

Additionally, the company offers professional growth opportunities to enable employees to develop their careers and achieve their goals.

In short, working at Eletropaulo is a great opportunity for professional development, in addition to offering financial stability and various benefits. The company also encourages environmental responsibility and education among its employees.

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