Vestcasa credit card: Fast approval and high limit

The Vestcasa credit card is approved quickly and without proof of income. In addition to points and loyalty programs, customers are guaranteed a

Vestcasa, a store specializing in bedding, crockery, bath and housewares, issues credit cards with a limit of up to R$ 3,500. Customers can continue to pay for purchases in up to 12 interest-free installments. The card is Visa-branded and can be used in stores in Brazil and around the world as it is international.

The store offers a wide variety of products. The website shows the main promotions and photos of the items to help the consumer make a purchase. Vestcasa guarantees quality products at an affordable price that fits your budget, however the credit card is subject to credit verification.

vestcasa card

In addition to the entire range of products offered on the website, Vestcasa offers its customers a credit card with many advantages. These include a purchase limit of up to R$ 3,500 and payment in installments for the first purchase in the chain's stores.

The card is international, which allows the user to use it in stores in Brazil, but also in other parts of the world. Great for traveling, right? Another advantage is the discount club, as they reach 70% in fast food chains; Academy; pharmacies; faculties; some entertainment and other partners.

Whoever guarantees the Vestcasa credit card ends up being part of the loyalty program. Purchases become points that can be exchanged for products. The card is requested without proof of income, but has an annual fee of R$ 19.90 per month.

The company also offers access to the Club Credz points program. Despite the credibility analysis, Vestcasa quickly finds approval, even on the Internet. Simply access the stores' website, fill in the requested personal data and request a credit card. May be approved locally.

See the step-by-step guide below to apply for the card:

Access the Vestcasa Card website;
Enter your CPF;
On the next screen, enter your full name, gender and date of birth;
Read and accept the privacy policy;
Enter your email address, cell phone with area code;
Add the security code sent to your cell phone via SMS.

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