See: 3 credit card options that get approval without complications

Despite all the ease we find in obtaining a credit card these days, the application and approval process can often take longer than we would like. So imagine how nice it would be to know in a timely manner which credit card needs to be verified?

We know that waiting a long time for a response from institutions can be tiring, and in this article we will show you great ways to get to know its main features and resolve your doubts once and for all.

Credit card approval on the spot?

Knowing that there are options for those looking for an instantly approved credit card is great news, isn't it? And even better are great cards from reliable, affordable institutions.

Then meet 3 good cards that will agree immediately!

PAN Bank

For those looking for a card with less bureaucracy and requirements, the Zero Annuity card is ideal, as it does not charge an annual fee and requires a minimum income equivalent to a minimum wage.

What all PAN cards offer is the PAN app facility where you can see all the information related to your card conveniently.

Like the other options on this list, PAN is a digital bank and tends to respond quickly to a request.

The response to the proposal will be sent by email. If approved, your card will arrive at the address provided within 17 business days.


Fintech was born with the aim of eliminating bureaucracy and making everything as simple and digital as possible.

Furthermore, it has a very transparent offer where all fees are very clear to avoid surprises. And the best thing is that the Neon card has no minimum income or annual fee.

The card is known for approving users with low scores and providing a quick response upon request.

However, credit analysis is carried out as in any institution. This procedure requires sharing data such as CPF and full name.

Neon may take less than 24 hours to respond. It's all very simple and quick. However, please note that to request your Neon card, you must first open an account with the merchant.


The BTG+ credit card is also included in this list due to its very fast responsiveness. And you can even choose between cards: basic option with free annual fee, advanced option for R$ 15 per month and the BTG+ Black card for R$ 90 per month.

However, the basic option is recommended for those looking for a cheaper card, have a low income or cannot prove income. There is no annual fee or minimum income for this option.

Once the request is requested and approved, the card will be delivered within a maximum of 15 working days.

To obtain a BTG+ card, you must have a digital account open with the institution. This makes analysis even easier and faster.

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