See: What is the minimum income to have a Visa Infinite card

If you are looking for a good credit card, Visa Infinite is certainly among the best options at Visa Brasil. However, it is often a little difficult to get approved for this product, mainly because of the income required.

Remember that along with the minimum income, it is the credit rating analysis that defines the cards that will be launched and the respective limits. So, to learn more about the Visa Infinite card minimum income, keep reading.

What is the minimum income to have a card of this model?

Therefore, the minimum income required to apply for Visa Infinite cards varies from bank to bank. With Itaú, for example, you don't need to send proof of income. Even if you want to, this option does not exist during the sign-up process.

Public banks such as Banco do Brasil and Caixa are more bureaucratic. In this case, you will have to provide formal proof of income, at least in most cases. Banco de BB follows the same scheme as Itaú: that is, it does not require proof for most cards. The exception is the Visa Infinite DUX.

Finally, in the recent past, Banco Bradescos accepted accounts from other cards with a minimum limit of R$ 20,000. However, nowadays it is very common for customers to obtain cards even without presenting the minimum income required. In credit unions such as Sicredi, Sicoob and Unicread, the minimum income requirement is around R$ 10,000.

In other words, before thinking about which bank to apply for Visa Infinite, check whether or not there is a Minimum income for the application. The easiest cards of this type to approve include:

  • XP Visa Infinite;
  • Santander Unique Visa Infinite;
  • Bradesco Visa Infinite;
  • Infinite Smiles;
  • Itaú Uniclass Visa Infinite.

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