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Many people keep saying that they cannot be satisfied with what they see in the mirror every day, when they get out of bed in the morning and go to wash their face in the mirror. Many people report not being able to feel good about themselves, as if they weren't the best version of themselves, as if they weren't all they could be.


There is a lot of variance in the idea of the “perfect body” within our society. Unfortunately, the number of obese people in Brazil today exceeds 6 million. While some people are more resilient, others close their eyes or try to convince themselves that they are fine the way they are.

Being overweight not only affects physical health, such as strength, blood circulation, resistance and mobility. It also causes a series of mental conditions, such as anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, as well as eating disorders.

If you are one of those people who dream of losing weight in a healthy way, and don't want to be tied to medications or long, painful treatments, you are in the right place. We are going to introduce you to the application that, in addition to offering the secret recipe with 3 ingredients that has been melting the fat of celebrities. The 21-day challenge within the app brings the community together hand in hand in continued support. Come with us!

Weight loss app - Open Scenario
Weight loss app – Open Scenario

Challenge: Drought in 15 Days

Yes, this really is possible. The Dry in 15 Days challenge consists of bringing together the recipe that has been a favorite of celebrities such as Anitta, Simaria, Larissa Manoela and many others, with a united community of women and men who can only think of one thing: achieving the body of dreams.

People in the community understand that this is more than a “summer project” that will make you lose just a few kilos to enjoy the weekend and then return everything to its original situation. The purpose of the community challenge is to make participants lose at least 15 kg in 15 days in a healthy way.

Participants in the challenge receive the Miraculous Recipe that has made so many artists change their bodies from water to wine! Along with the recipe, a personalized accompaniment and a free pass to the community's VIP group on WhatsApp will be delivered.

What's in the app?

Weight loss apps help countless people, from all over the world, every day in their weight loss processes, regaining self-esteem and mental strength.

Much more than just providing a training process, the applications also provide real information about self-knowledge, low-carb recipes, routine changes, recipe calculations made exclusively for each user.

Weight Loss Apps

We made a short list with some great examples of apps that help many people lose weight and what they offer:

  • MyFitnessPal – offers the calculation of daily food consumption, such as nutrients, calories, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Lose It! – very similar to the previous one, it lets you set a weight goal and calculates your weight loss during the day.
  • FatSecret – the app offers “exercise tracking” that allows you to know in real time the calories you are losing during your workouts.
  • Noom – the cool thing about this app is the way it approaches weight loss. Approaching the subject from a psychological perspective, he focuses on understanding the “why” behind the dietary decisions we make. It has eating plans made especially for each of its users.
  • Yazio – Offers healthy low-calorie recipes that help you dry.
  • 7 Minute Workout – this was created especially for people who have very little time in their day. The app offers just 7-minute workouts that, if done correctly, are very effective in the long term!
  • Fitbit – this app is very similar to the ones mentioned above, its difference is the connectivity with Fitbit devices, which together help the user in a process with better effect.

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