More than 200,000 jobs available – don't miss the opportunity

Incredible job options are opening up in and around Mexico. This is the opportunity for anyone looking for a new job, and you can send a resume today. The job openings are for public and private positions, so to find out more about them, read this article!

There are thousands of vacancies open, but we have to keep in mind that there are thousands of people looking for a job. This is due to the current crisis, which has made many of these thousands of people unemployed. The more prepared you are, the greater your chances of getting a new job. Those who stand out from the rest, especially in the academic field, are better regarded by recruiters.

More than 200,00 Jobs Available - Open Scenario
More than 200,00 Jobs Available – Open Scenario

Public Job Vacancies at DOF

Public job vacancies were announced by the DOF recently, along with other advertisements for available jobs released by private companies. To obtain both a DOF vacancy and a job opportunity in one of the private companies, your CV must be up to date when you send it with your academic, technical and personal background. This greatly increases your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

Boost your resume for available jobs

If you don't know how to enhance your CV with technical and professional training, we recommend that you participate in training and qualification programs for the unemployed, and in workshops to develop skills offered by the SNE (Servicio Nacional de Empleo, from the Mexico). Doing this can add even more skills to your resume.


Don't forget that public job opportunities available in Mexico can be found on the official DOF website. By accessing the website you will be able to see which companies are recruiting and for which positions the vacancies are available.

We know that among public positions you can find vacancies for public education secretary, expense accountants and other vacancies that we guarantee are great opportunities for personal and professional growth, both in terms of remuneration and the experience gained. In any case, feel free to access the DOF website to find vacancies and obtain more information about them.

Always pay attention to the DOF website. By doing this you will ensure that no opportunity that interests you goes unnoticed. It is also very important to always be prepared in case you are called for one of the public positions for which you have applied. Many of these positions screen potential candidates, and choose among them through entrance exams.

Jobs available in the private sector

If you are not one of the people looking for public job opportunities, rest assured, the opportunities for open positions within the private sector continue to grow in Mexico. Many of these vacancies involve common positions, such as: attendants; supermarket cashiers; waiters; hotel valets; warehouse stocker and many other positions that will still be mentioned and do not require a lot of previous experience.

In Mexico, more than 200,000 job vacancies are currently being offered on the Indeed website. This site works with location targeting. Enter your city and then search for open positions near you. Let's list some of these vacancies available as of the date this article was created, so you can see what you might find:

  • Digital Consulting – BBVA (Capulhuac, Méx.)
  • Hotel receptionist – ACCOR (Cuauhtémoc, Mexico)
  • Cashier Staff – BBVA (Capulhuac, Méx.)
  • Administrative Receptionist – GRANCO MATERIAIS (Mexico City, Méx.)
  • Social Media for Content and Business – TRUE TALENT (Remote work)
  • Customer Service Specialist – UBER (Mexico City, Mex.)
  • Receptionist – GRUPO CABSA (Cajeme – Sonara, Méx.)
  • Online Teacher – CONAMAT (Remote work)
  • Production assistant – ESPN (Tlalpn, Mexico City)
  • Receptionist – FIBRA DANHOS (Mexico City, Méx.)
  • Customer Service – INTERTEC INSURANCE AND FINANCE AGENT (Mexico City, Mex.)
  • Administrative manager – DUTOS E TERMINAIS SA de CV (Lomas Altas, Mexico City)
  • Room maid – LABORAL LOGISTICS SASBIC (Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City)
  • Operations Assistant – KANGU LATAM (Remote work)
  • Copywriter for Social Media + Graphic Design – SUNERGARCIA (remote work)
  • Receptionist – HINES (Federal, Mexico City)

Jobs on the Indeed website will be waiting for you if you want to apply. Search for specific vacancies, if you are interested, segmenting the search by your location. Be sure to check out the website to stay up to date with the best available job openings advertised throughout Mexico.