Job Offers Released at Lidl Supermarkets – details about job offers


We have ideal job opportunities for you, if that's what you're looking for. Lidl Supermarkets have opened new vacancies for candidates in Latin America in general. Lidl's structure is exceptional and continues to be one of the benchmarks for employee support. Teams organized and ready to better serve customers are the foundation of Lidl Supermarkets.

The quality of Lidl's products has been superior since the 90s. Lidl has more than 11,250 stores and continues to grow exponentially, still being the only supermarket chain to achieve the TOP Employer seal for the 5th consecutive year, hiring new employees and opening new job openings every day.

Being part of the team of employees at Lidl means being ready to have a new family, who will help you in all stages of learning and training in the company. If working at Lidl is interesting for you, read below about all the career possibilities within Lidl Supermarkets.


Lidl Supermarkets Job Offers - Open Scenario
Lidl Supermarkets Job Offers – Open Scenario

What Lidl Supermarkets is looking for

Above all, responsibility and ambition. We don't want stagnant employees, much less employees who are dissatisfied with their work. What Lidl is looking for are employees who carry out their responsibilities successfully and happily. Lidl believes that a happy employee works better. Therefore, it is important to highlight that whenever deserved, employees are rewarded with bonuses or promotions.

Lidl is looking for employees who want to grow within and with the company, so that they can reach their maximum potential as a person. If you are one of those people who thinks big and who sees more than just a simple job opening available in a supermarket, you see the possibility of growing your career within the Lidl Supermarket chain, follow along and find out about the vacancies available.

Careers to start at Lidl

Starting a new career within such a large network excites some and scares others. In the case of careers at Lidl Supermarkets, we guarantee that excitement is the valid emotion when starting the work process for the first time, whatever your sector and occupation.

We say this with a calm heart, as only those who know the training process within Lidl know how motivated and supported new employees are by veterans within the company. Now that you know that, let's take a look at the job opportunities:

  • Stockist
  • Box
  • Bakery Operator
  • Fruit Stock
  • Material Storer

Filling one of these roles at Lidl Supermarkets is a great first step towards starting your career with the company. A simple position will make you learn your duties more quickly, in addition to not requiring previous professional experience. These positions help you create a good first professional experience, if this is your case.

Your duties, depending on the position, can make you deal directly with customers, so you will have your social side trained daily. Remembering that all the support you need will be given to you.

Details of Each Function

We briefly detail the functions below.


Responsible for the supermarket's general stock in its storages.


It deals directly with money and the public, and therefore demands more responsibility.

Bakery Operator

Responsible for taking care of deliveries of bread and confectionery to customers.

Lidl Supermarkets Job Offers - Open Scenario
Lidl Supermarkets Job Offers – Open Scenario

Fruit Stock

Area that takes care of the inspection and replacement of spoiled fruits.

Material Storer

Responsible for all storage of materials within the market, from products for cleaning the environment, to counting pens at cashiers.

How to get noticed with your profile?

You are required to have a high school diploma, be over 19 years of age, and be willing to be tasked with manual duties and customer service, and have a flexible schedule when necessary. Although previous experience is not required, anyone who has experience in the positions to be filled can adapt better to Lidl's day-to-day activities.


  • Objective training
  • 1 month follow-up with our supervisors
  • Free weekends
  • Vacation and paid holidays


Be part of Lidl. Lidl supermarkets are a big family that grows together!

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