Camaro da ANA BRASIL PRIZES – Unforgettable Father's Day!

Father's Day is approaching, and what could be more exciting than celebrating this special date with the chance to win amazing prizes?

ANA BRASIL DE PRÊMIOS, one of the most respected organizations in the water sector in Brazil, is holding an extraordinary raffle that could change the life of any lucky parent. In this article, you'll find all the details about this exceptional giveaway and how it relates to Father's Day.

The raffle

ANA BRASIL DE PRÊMIOS is organizing a raffle that is attracting attention across the country. With prizes like a Camaro and half a million reais, this draw is not only attractive, but also legal, being authorized by SUSEP.

This giveaway is more than just an opportunity to win prizes. It's a chance to celebrate Father's Day in a unique way. Imagine gifting your dad with his dream car or a substantial sum of money? It's a gesture that not only honors the father figure in your life, but also creates memories that will last a lifetime.


Held for 17 years by the National Agency for Water and Basic Sanitation (ANA), the ANA Award is an institution in Brazil, rewarding projects that contribute to the development of the country through responsible practices in the care of its waters. ANA's credibility and tradition certainly add inestimable value to this draw.

Draws that have already taken place

  • BMW430i / 500mil
  • BMW IM SPORT / 550mil
  • S10 / 530mil
  • HONDA CIVIC / 570mil
  • COROLLA / 490 thousand
  • L200 TRITON / 500mil
  • DODGE RAM 2500 / 500mil

Previously drawn prizes are valid for the current Father's Day draw! The Camaro SS ZERO is a true luxury, which will leave the winner with a sparkle in his eyes! Have you thought? On this Father's Day, you can gift your father for this super promotion and without paying a real?! YES! It's totally possible and I can prove it to you! Find out more about ANA BRASIL PRÊMIOS below!


The ANA BRASIL DE PRÊMIOS giveaway is a wonderful way to celebrate Father's Day, offering the chance to give away something truly meaningful and unique.

The ANA BRASIL DE PREMIOS draw is more than just a chance to win prizes. It's a celebration of the father figure and an exciting way to mark Father's Day. Do not miss this unique opportunity. Participate and make this Father's Day a truly unforgettable moment.

There is no gift more meaningful than a Camaro ZERO. The ANA BRASIL DE PRÊMIOS draw is more than an exciting event; it's an opportunity to express love and gratitude this Father's Day.

By participating, you are not only in the running for substantial prizes, but you are also showing appreciation for the father figure in your life. Whether surprising your dad with a free raffle ticket or sharing in the excitement of a potential prize, this is an innovative way to create lasting memories and strengthen family ties.


Who can participate in the draw?

Any Brazilian PF over 16 years old can participate, and tickets are on sale throughout Brazil.

How are the draws carried out?

Draws are held on the YouTube channel of ANA BRASIL DE PRÊMIOS, always on the scheduled date and time.

Are there any additional fees for winners?

No. There is no fee charged to winners other than the price of the raffle ticket.

How can I contact you if I have questions?

Rest assured! Just contact WhatsApp at number (62) 98136-7461.

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