Faro Awarded Truck

The presenter, singer and dancer surprised everyone by announcing the Faro Awarded Truck! The Award-winning Truck will be full of incredible prizes that the public can't even imagine. And it won't just be a truckload of prizes, can't you see?! There will be more than 10 trucks being drawn every day until the end of this year.


The presenter's initiative came from the idea of digital influencer Carlinhos Maia, who is DRAGGING this year with the new Carlinhos Maia's Prize Truck. Both have been in focus in the media for many years, always bringing a lot of joy and fun to their viewers' homes.

If you still don't know how this super Faro prize promotion will work, just follow along below ALL THE DETAILS, such as: prizes, regulations, date and SURPRISE PRIZES.

Faro Awarded Truck - Open Scenario
Faro Awarded Truck – Open Scenario

General Details

Every detail of the organization and awarding of this promotion makes our eyes shine! It starts this Friday and there are no limits for your registration. In addition to your registration being free, you are still free to register HOW MANY TIMES YOU WANT! That's basically it: no registration fee; no limit on the number of entries; 10 award-winning trucks per day until the end of the year.

Your chances of winning are HUGE and this promotion is UNMISSABLE!

Promotion Regulation

Faro's award-winning truck regulations are very simple and easy to understand.

  • All participants must register only their e-mail and their name, and then they will already be running for one of the trucks.
  • If you were a winner, you will not be able to compete again.
  • Up to 3 people from the same house can register.
  • You can register with the same email only 1 time.
  • Participants should not pay ANY fees to be running for the Faro Awarded Truck.
  • If you are drawn and do not respond to the email sent within 3 days, you will lose your prize.

Faro Awarded Truck Awards


  1. Chevrolet Onix 2023
  2. Electric motorcycle
  3. Electric Scooter
  4. electric unicycle

To the house:

  1. air fryer
  2. Electric Grill
  3. microwave
  4. Smart Fridge
  5. SmartTV 64”
  6. Recliner Sofa
  7. Electric grill
  8. Massage chair
  9. Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs
  10. Complete Kitchen
  11. Complete Renovation


  1. iPhone 14 Plus
  2. Smartwatch
  3. bluetooth headphones
  4. Sound box
  5. pc gamer
  6. PlayStation 5
  7. ipad

Surprise Awards:

If we already knew the surprise prizes, they wouldn't be a surprise, right?! BUT, nothing prevents us from speculating about the great surprises of the Faro Award-winning truck. Some of our team think the following:

  1. Dinner with Rodrigo Faro” – That would really be the best of prizes for some of the presenter's fans. A cozy and free restaurant, not to mention that your company all night would be the wonderful Rodrigo Faro.
  2. Trip with Rodrigo Faro” – Have you ever imagined being able to travel with Faro wherever YOU want?! It would be a complete dream to be with him in the Caribbean, or spend an afternoon with the presenter in the Maldives, or who knows a whole day at Disney or Universal theme parks in Orlando. A radical adventure with the artist would be a memory UNFORGETTABLE!
  3. A new house” – I don’t even need to talk, right?! Winning a brand new house would really be a SURPRISE for competitors to the Faro Awarded Truck. First, that it doesn't fit in a truck, and second: who would have thought to win A HOUSE just for signing up for a free promotion?
  4. Money Briefcase” – We already know that the Faro Awarded Truck was inspired by the Carlinhos Prize Truck. We also know that Carlinhos' new truck does have a suitcase worth 150,000 in cash. So what's to stop our dear friend Rodrigo Faro to make this surprise? Maybe 200,000 in cash… That amount would come in handy.

But remembering: all this award above is just SPECULATIVE! There is still nothing confirmed by the presenter's team.


Yeah... this Faro Awarded Truck will still change many lives throughout Brazil by the end of this year! We hope that you have understood all the details, regulation and that you have become aware of all the prizes you may be competing for. Don't waste time and don't stay out of this super event!


“How do I know if I was one of the award-winning truck winners?”

The winners will be notified via the registered email.

“I am a minor. Can I participate?”

Yes! Enrollment is allowed over 16 years old.

“Can I choose cash over prizes?”

Negative. Until the time of completion of receiving the prizes, the winner must receive them as they are being promoted.

“Has any other artist done something similar?”

Yes. The digital influencer Carlinhos Maia has, still active, the Barra Prize Truck.

“How to win a Faro Awarded Truck for free?”

The more times you sign up, the more chances you have to win. All registrations are free.

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