FGTS birthday withdrawal

Among all the withdrawal methods available from the FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund), the anniversary withdrawal is one of the most frequently used by formal workers. In this modality, the worker can withdraw part of his Guarantee Fund every year, when his birthday arrives.

When you do not choose to make the anniversary withdrawal, you remain in the Withdrawal-Termination modality, where if you are fired from where you work (in view of someone who works with a formal contract) without just cause, you must receive the full amount of FGTS.

Many debate the pros and cons of opting for the Birthday Withdrawal... In this article we will explain how this modality works in practice and help you join it, if it is of interest to you.

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FGTS Birthday Withdrawal - Open Scenario
FGTS Birthday Withdrawal – Open Scenario

How to use the Birthday Withdrawal

It is very simple to resolve this issue. The FGTS gives you 5 options on how to modify your withdrawal method/advance your withdrawal.

1 – Anticipate here:

2 – Caixa website

  1. Get in on Caixa do FGTS website
  2. Log in with your CPF, NIS (social identification number) or email, and password.
  3. Search for "My FGTS” and then go to “Birthday Loot
  4. The site will give you step-by-step instructions on how to proceed from there.

3 – FGTS application

  1. Download the FGTS app from Caixa Econômica Federal on your cell phone, through your app store
  2. Log in with your CPF/NIS/Email and password
  3. In the section FGTS, click in Birthday Loot
  4. Instructions will be provided so that you can follow them conveniently.

4 – Caixa Internet Banking

  1. Get in on Caixa Internet Banking
  2. In the section “services"find by"FGTS
  3. Click in "Birthday Loot” and continue with the instructions

5 – Physical Agencies

  1. Go in person to one of the Caixa branches in your region
  2. Keep your personal documents with you
  3. Look for an attendant

Birthday Loot – overview

As previously mentioned, the birthday withdrawal allows formal workers to withdraw an annual percentage of their FGTS every year, in the month of their birthday. It was established by Law 13,932/19, presented and delivered to the public as a valid exchange option.

Until March of this year (2023), more than 38 billion reais had been withdrawn through the Birthday Withdrawal.

By subscribing to the Birthday Withdrawal option, in the event of unfair dismissal, the worker will not be able to withdraw the full amount of their FGTS, only the contract termination fine.

Birthday Withdrawal Values

The values are determined by a rate (percentage that serves as the basis for the final calculation of the withdrawal value) that usually varies from 5% to 50% on top of the worker's total FGTS amount, plus an additional portion.


If the value in your FGTS is R$2,000.00, your birthday withdrawal could be R$1,050.00 (in a hypothetical scenario where the tax rate is 50% + the additional amount of R$50.00).

Anticipation of Withdrawal

There is the option to “advance” the birthday withdrawal. In this scenario, you would take out a loan and use your Birthday Withdrawal as collateral. This option is very useful for those who need the withdrawal money available but are very far from their birthday month.

It is very important that before changing the modality from Termination to Anniversary Withdrawal, you are aware of all the rules for withdrawal and all the pros and cons of this modality.

Pros x Cons of the Birthday Withdrawal

There is a lot of debate among workers about whether or not it is convenient to adhere to this modality offered when withdrawing their FGTS. We have brought some pros and cons so that you can draw your own conclusions based on the current scenario in your life:


  • Liquidity is annual: This means that you have the mobility to make small investments or pay off small expenses, as every year you can withdraw a percentage of the total value saved in your FGTS, which grows exponentially.
  • Flexibility: The money you withdraw is yours, so there are no restrictions on where or what you spend your money on.
  • Loan option: As previously mentioned, if you urgently need a certain amount even before your birthday month, you have the option of choosing to take out a loan and place your Birthday Withdrawal as collateral.


  • Change in Termination value: In case of unfair dismissal, you lose the right to obtain the full amount of your FGTS and will only receive the amount of the termination fine.
  • Grace Period for Changes: If the worker wishes to return to the original modality, it will only come into effect again in the 25th month after the request.
  • Risk of poor management: Care must be taken when using birthday loot in a conscious way.


When analyzing all the details regarding the anniversary withdrawal, we came to the conclusion that if used correctly, it can be very efficient. Your request is made easily, but it is important to remember the risks and benefits of making this change.

We hope this article answered your questions and helped you resolve whatever your goal was.


What is the FGTS Birthday Withdrawal?

The Birthday Withdrawal is a modality that allows workers to withdraw a percentage of their FGTS every year in the month of their birthday.

How can I join Saque-Anniversario?

You can join Saque Aniversario through the Caixa website, the FGTS application, Caixa Internet Banking or directly at a physical Caixa branch.

How much can I withdraw from Birthday Withdrawal?

The withdrawal amount is determined by a rate that varies from 5% to 50% of the total value of your FGTS, plus an additional installment.

Can I advance the Birthday Withdrawal?

Yes, you can advance the withdrawal by taking out a loan and using the Birthday Withdrawal as collateral.

What are the pros and cons of Birthday Loot?

Pros include annual liquidity and flexibility in using the money. Cons include the loss of the right to full withdrawal of the FGTS in case of unfair dismissal and a grace period for changes in modality.

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