Registration for the Super Prize Truck – step by step

Girassol, if you are interested in registering and being part of the grand champions of the Carlinhos Maia Prize Truck prizes, today is your lucky day. Stay with us to be one of the participants in the Prize Truck and compete for a 0km JEEP Compass!


We will take you step by step so that you can pay for the raffle and before that you can register your email in an effective and practical way.

We will make a list of the prizes you can win and what the prize delivery process will be like and the emails that will be sent to you!

Pay attention to all the details of the explanation so that you don't miss any details of the registration and receipt process, so if you are one of the thousands of lucky people, it will be very easy to receive your prize, without any bureaucracy.

Email Signup

Registering your email is very useful if you want to receive 1 free lucky number for the draw, receive more details about promotions, winning raffles, news about the prize truck or just want to send your story so the team can get to know you and who knows, you might be moved by your journey.

Email Form

  • Name: It is very important that when registering, you only enter your first name. This will make it easier for us to contact you.
  • Email: use an email that you always use and that you use continuously. If you are one of the winners, you will need to access this email.
  • Your story: Writing a little about yourself is completely optional. However, it would be interesting if you wrote a little more about yourself, so we can get to know you better and in a more transparent way.

When finished with “Submit Application” you should receive an email containing your free lucky number for the draw. If it doesn't arrive, review the email you entered and register again.

Even if you filled out something wrong, you will be redirected to the area where you can purchase new raffle tickets that could make you a winner.

Purchasing your Raffles

Now, let's talk a little about why raffle tickets are not free, the values and the draw dates. First of all, enter the Super Truck Prize raffle website.

Why buy raffle tickets?

Purchasing raffle tickets is not mandatory if you want to participate in the draw. As said before, by registering your email you will receive a free participation number. Buying a raffle ticket is optional for those who want to increase their chances of winning, as the more numbers you have with you, the greater the chance that the number drawn will be yours.

Past winners have purchased 6, 9 and even 15 raffle tickets. It's all a matter of knowing how to manage your money and having the common sense to see your current situation. DON'T SPEND MONEY YOU NO LONGER HAVE just to buy the raffle tickets. They increase, but do not guarantee your chances.

Registration for the Super Prize Truck - Open Scenario
Registration for the Super Prize Truck – Open Scenario


Each raffle ticket today, on the website, is going for R$4.90. The payment method is only by pix. Let's go step by step:

  1. Choose the number of tickets (image above): When accessing the Super Truck of Awards website, scroll to the bottom and find “SELECT THE QUANTITY OF TICKETS”. You will have the option to add +1, +5, +10 or +100 with just 1 click, but you can also add or decrease ticket by ticket, to reach the exact number you want to buy. After that, just continue on “BOOK”.
Image 1
  • 2. Confirm your details again to book tickets (image above): Enter your full name, enter the same email you entered in the area where you wrote a little about yourself and your WhatsApp/Mobile number. Confirm that you have read the “Terms and conditions” from the platform. After that, continue to book.
Image 2
  • 3. Booking information (image above): You will have 3 hours to pay your raffle tickets. Check that your name, email, ticket number and email are correct and then continue with “Pay with pix”.
Image 3
  • 4. Pix payment (image above): On this screen you will find step-by-step instructions for paying your raffle tickets with the pix key. It can be done by QR Code or by random key. If you have any questions, see a tutorial on how to pay pix with a random key. On the same screen, you can find the tutorial link in the last line under “Having difficulty paying? Click here“.
Image 4

Upon payment, all details about your registration will be provided, such as: raffle numbers, draw dates, available single prizes, proof of purchase; will be sent to you to the email you used to register.

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