New Amazon Credit Card – Find out how it works

Acquiring the new Amazon credit card is a great option if you usually or intend to make purchases within the Amazon. Two cards were launched, one exclusively for subscribers in the color “dark gray” and the other in “white” for non-subscribers to the platform. If you are thinking about purchasing on Amazon, it is very interesting that you purchase this card as it has several advantages and benefits where the accumulated points become discounts for your future purchases. Follow for more information.

Amazon Credit Card - Open Scenario
Amazon credit card – Open Scenario

How to acquire the card?

As stated above, there are two types of cards, the dark gray one called “Amazon Prime” created especially for Amazon subscribers, and the white card called “” created for people in general who want to acquire it.

To request the card “” you need to access the official website of Amazon, create an account or have a Login, go to the “Card” banner and then check the code that will be sent by SMS, fill in your details and request it immediately.

The dark blue (Prime) is the same way, but it will depend on you whether you want to have the subscription services or not.

While we are on this subject, I recommend that you know how to protect yourself from credit card scams, it happens more often than you think and knowing how to prevent it is the best way to protect yourself.

What is the difference between gray and white cards?

Amazon Prime Card

Cashback: Amazon Prime card holders receive up to 5% cashback on Amazon purchases, in addition to 1% to 2% cashback on other categories, such as gas stations and restaurants.

Exclusive Offers: Those who have the card will be able to access exclusive offers and promotions within the website.

Rewards Program: Cashback is offered in the format of points that can be redeemed for credits or other types of prizes.

No foreign transaction fees: Ideal for those who make purchases abroad, as there are no foreign transaction fees.

Benefits of Amazon Prime: When subscribing to Amazon Prime, members in Brazil receive free shipping on millions of purchased products, as well as access to films, series, hundreds of eBooks, music and much more.

Amazon Card (non-subscribers)

The Amazon Prime Card offers additional benefits such as cashback on purchases in-store or at other establishments, while the generic Amazon card may not offer all these benefits.

However, you will earn 3% in points for any purchase you make on Amazon, 2% on international purchases, purchases in pharmacies, restaurants, travel and entertainment, and other purchases outside this category 1% of points using the card.

Do I receive Mastercard Platinum benefits?

Of course, both cards have all the benefits that the Platinum brand offers, as it belongs to Mastercard it participates in the “MasterCard surprise” which is basically a program that accumulates points as you make purchases on credit or debit. So the answer is yes!

What's the difference?

The Amazon Prime Card has no annual fee. Therefore, it does not have the fee charged annually by some financial institutions for the maintenance and use of a credit card.

And if you intend to pay in installments for your future purchases, you can pay in up to 15 interest-free installments!

Common questions

1 – Why is the Amazon credit card the best?

They offer several benefits, cashback of 5% higher than many other banks, cashback that sees points converted into credits for purchases on Amazon and an extended installment of up to 15x interest.

2 – How does the Amazon credit card work?

 The Amazon credit card will work in the same way as any other card, only with more benefits. After your registration is approved, your card will automatically be used in Amazon's payment settings.

3 – How to get an Amazon credit card?

The first step in the process is to have an Amazon account to access the application and be able to request your credit card. To do this, you must also have your ID and CPF on hand.
The application also requires you to fill out a form and take real photos in addition to an analysis of your documents for Bradescard bank. 

4 – How to pay a bill with an Amazon credit card?

If you made the purchase via computer, look for and scan the barcode using the payments option within your banking application. When purchasing via cell phone, copy the Boleto code issued and pay through your virtual bank, pix or internet banking.

5 – What is the Amazon card limit?

Many report that from the start, the limits approved by Amazon Prime have an initial limit of R$ 6,000 and the advantage is that the card can be used immediately after being approved.


We saw in this article that Amazon credit cards offer significant benefits to buyers on the platform, with two card variants catering to subscribers and non-subscribers. Advantages include cashback, no fees on foreign transactions, and exclusive offers. The acquisition process is simplified, and the benefits of Mastercard Platinum, along with extensive installment options, are attractive differentiators. The Amazon card is positioned as an advantageous choice, serving not only as a payment instrument, but as access to an ecosystem of rewards and conveniences.