Dating Apps – Find the Sugar of your dreams

If you are looking for mature men with a good financial condition, or are looking for a extra income Here is the right place, we will show you some relationship apps that will help you find someone who is willing to pay you gifts, such as jewelry, bags and even trips and gifts that involve your financial and professional life.

Here we will help you with 3 dating apps, one of which is made especially for people from other countries (Gringos). We also include safety tips so you don't have the possibility of falling for some type of scam in the future. Lets go to what matters!

Dating apps - Open Scenario
Dating apps – Open Scenario

Presentation of dating apps

Follow the best dating apps or sites and their key points.


is often recognized as one of the apps that attracts a more sophisticated and selective audience, aiming to create genuine connections between successful people. Instead of just focusing on the financial aspect, it strives to connect people with similar interests, passions and life aspirations.

Key Points:

  • Accessibility: Glambu's interface is designed to be simple and elegant. Having a more refined look, it stands out from many other apps of its kind.
  • User profile: People looking for serious relationships with successful individuals can find Glambu a reliable platform.
  • Events and activities: In addition to being a dating app, it can also organize exclusive events, allowing its members to interact in sophisticated social environments.

Universe Sugar

The name already gives a clear hint about the purpose of the application. “Sugar”, in international slang, refers to the type of relationship where one party (generally younger) is in a relationship for someone older and financially stable. It is a platform that brings together younger (younger) people and men looking for companionship.

Key Points:

  • Clarity in intentions: When signing up to Universo Sugar, users are aware of the type of relationship they are looking for. This eliminates many surprises or misunderstandings.
  • Security: The app strives to ensure the experience is safe for everyone involved by implementing strict profile checks.
  • Genuine Connections: Despite being centered on the idea of relationships, there are stories of couples who found true love through the app.

BrazilCupid foreign relationship.

Part of the famous Cupid Media network, BrazilCupid is best known for connecting Brazilians and people around the world who are interested in Brazilian culture. While not explicitly a site for rich people, the platform attracts many successful professionals who value genuine connections.

Key Points:

  • User diversity: The app has a wide variety of members, from locals to foreigners interested in Brazil.
  • Advanced features: With various communication and search tools, users can easily find compatible profiles.
  • Credibility: Being part of the Cupid Media network, BrazilCupid appears to have a trusted reputation in the online dating industry.

Safety Tips:

Security tips that we recommend being followed on all dating apps in general: We recommend that you talk to your partner through the app's own chat, this will help you in many aspects, such as your safety.

Chatting via the chat provided by the application without initially migrating to other apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc... This will prevent you from ending up falling into some type of scam that the Site is not aware of, making it impossible to help you in some cases.

If at any point in the conversation you realize that it could be someone trying to impersonate someone else like accounts “fakes”, feel threats or even feel unsafe, you can easily report and report the account, letting the Site itself analyze the user and take the best measures.

Your Name: Something that seems silly, but will definitely help keep you safe, is to avoid putting your first and last name TRUE. Try to choose a fictitious name, which is not your real name, a nickname or even the social name you prefer.

Location: The most important! Your location, if you are in the process of meeting a person, don't tell them your location, where you live, your neighborhood, or even places you frequent.

Unfortunately, many dating sites already access your location automatically, if possible, do not allow this function or disable your location. I hope you find what you're looking for in these apps!


The search for meaningful and genuine connections is a personal and individual journey. In the context of dating apps that focus on bringing together young people and financially stable individuals, it is crucial to keep safety first. Digital and physical security must be a priority at all stages of the online relationship process.


What are the top three apps mentioned for hookups with financially stable men?

Glambu, Universo Açúcar and BrazilCupid.

What does “Sugar” mean in the context of the Universo Sugar app?

It refers to a relationship where one party, usually younger, seeks connection with someone older and financially stable.

Why is it recommended to chat via the app's own chat?

This helps maintain security and prevents potential scams that the app cannot track if the conversation moves to other third-party apps.

What should I do if I suspect a fake account or feel threatened?

Report and report the account within the app itself, allowing the site to take appropriate action.

Why is it advised not to use your real first and last name on applications?

To keep your identity safe and protect your privacy. Choose a nickname, fictitious name or social name.