Tired of Tinder? We will introduce you to the 3 best dating apps!

In modern times, dating apps have become the virtual bridge that connects hearts and minds. While many of us are familiar with Tinder and its famous “matches“, the continuous evolution of technology has presented us with even more interesting and effective alternatives.

Let's discover three of these apps that are making waves and why they are considered better than Tinder by many users.

Dating apps - Open Scenario
Relationship apps – Open Scenario

The Popularity of Dating Apps

According to a recent survey, 60% of Brazilians now trust dating apps as their main dating tool. Surprisingly, 40% of them are looking for their soulmate, while 45% see these platforms as an opportunity to flirt. Furthermore, 71% use these apps to make new friends.

Some relevant research findings include:

  • 20% of participants said they met their current or last partner through apps or social media.
  • 70% believe that personality is the most crucial factor when looking for a partner.
  • 55% feel that the chemistry between the two is fundamental.
  • 25% see sexual compatibility as decisive.
  • 13% find meeting new people extremely challenging.
  • 31% have already started conversations with someone outside their circle of friends.

Badoo: Authenticity is what matters

What makes the Badoo a better alternative to Tinder? The completely free platform values authenticity above all else. The emphasis is on creating genuine connections, which is why Badoo doesn't have filters that drastically alter users' appearance. Plus, your video chats ensure you're interacting with the real person behind the profile.

And another really cool thing about Badoo is that the app prioritizes user privacy a lot.

Over time, Badoo became more strict in terms of fake accounts, now for account authentication, real-time verification of the user's face is required, but don't worry, this photo will not go on your profile! It will only be used to confirm a person.”real“. Thus avoiding conversations with bad people (Fakes) and improving the security of the App.

Happn: Digitized Destiny

O Happn goes beyond traditional left and right swipes. It focuses on “almost" it is us "and if" of life. Every time you come across a Happn user in real life, their profile appears in your feed. This touch of digitized destiny is something Tinder doesn't offer, making every match on Happn a potentially interesting story.

The application itself is free but it also has Happn Premium, the paid version that can be subscribed for a period that varies from 1 to 12 months, costing on average R$ 79.90 per month.

Bumble: More Than Just Matches

O Bumble stands out not only for its female empowerment, but also for its multiple functionalities. Unlike Tinder, which is mainly focused on dating, Bumble also offers the option of professional networking and friendships. The possibility of multiple networks on a single platform is definitely a welcome innovation.

If you're not familiar with the app, you might not know, but Bumble has its peculiarities, one of which is very interesting, by the way, is that within the app, women are the ones who have the power to start a conversation! Enter a “match” of people with different sex, they are the ones who initially approach a new conversation.


The universe of dating apps is constantly evolving. While Tinder may have opened the door to this digital revolution in love, apps like Badoo, Happn and Bumble are taking things to a new level with innovative features and a more user-centric approach.


Is Badoo really safe?

Yes, Badoo has a strong emphasis on authenticity and has strict rules to ensure user safety.

How does Happn protect my location?

Happn only shows the places where paths crossed, without revealing any user's current or exact location.

Is Bumble just for romantic dates?

No, Bumble also offers ways to make friends and create professional connections.

Why consider alternatives to Tinder?

To try different approaches and features that may better align with your personal preferences.

Are these apps free?

All apps offer free versions but also have premium features that can be purchased.