SPEI loan – how to apply for a quick loan?

O SPEI loan comes to change things for you, giving you quick alternatives for applying for a loan, without the common bureaucracy found in other loan lenders. Releasing the requested amount takes just a few minutes to reach the applicant's account, making the request process comfortable.

Most of the demand for loans comes from the financial need that many people face, often taken by surprise. For this reason, loans are much more sought after to be used urgently! In addition, many people plan very well when applying for a loan, whether for personal or professional investments, achieving goals or dreams.

With these objectives, it is very useful to find a loan system that acts quickly and does not have a lot of bureaucracy. In this context, SPEI fits in as a fast and practical loan lender, without any bureaucracy.

The SPEI loan, in addition to working in a practical and automated way, stands out for not requiring a credit history. Are you interested in this loan option? Follow the article to get it in a practical way. Already separate the documents we mention in this article, so you can carry out the entire process in a practical way.

Documents Required to Apply for a SPEI Loan

As with any type of loan, some basic documents are required in the process of applying for your quick loan. We are going to list these documents so that you, who want to take out a loan, can separate them in an organized way when making the request.

Copy of Identity Document

The copy must be from original document with photo, in a quality that allows you to read the data. This may be a copy of the following documents: INE, Driver License or Passport.

Proof of residence

This can be a copy of any recent electricity or water bill. Just to verify your current address.

Payment Proofs

Your ability to pay is an important factor. Therefore, sending salary payment receipts can help you get a loan that is more suitable for you!

Filling out Registration

In addition to the documents, get ready to fill out a small registration form with your information, intentions regarding the loan amount, the time in which you want to pay and how much will fit into your pocket each month.

Please be aware that depending on the loan amount required, documents may vary according to the policies of the Banxico SPEI.

SPEI Loan – Open Scenario
SPEI Loan – Open Scenario

Advantages and Disadvantages of Loans at Banxico SPEI

Just like a coin has two sides, applying for a quick loan, without proving your credit history, also has it. Let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a fast SPEI loan in Banxico.


  • Approval in Minutes – as there are not many verification steps, the analysis is quick and, consequently, facilitates access to the loan;
  • Fast Transfer – as it is part of Banxico SPEI, a fast interbank transfer system, once your SPEI loan is approved, the transfer to your account is automatic;
  • Grace period – after approval and transfer of your loan, the time to start paying is up to 6 months. After this, the planned payment process must begin;
  • Payment Flexibility – the flexibility of the payment agreement is highly regarded by Banxico SPEI applicants;


  • Higher fees – as it is a facilitated loan that does not check your credit history, the rates are higher at the time of payment;
  • Limited Values – the amounts available for request are usually lower when it comes to a quick loan;
  • Greater Documentation – documentation must be proven effectively. If any information is not correct, the loan will not be released;

Step by Step to Request your loan:

  1. Gather all the documentation listed – before even starting the process, separate all the necessary documentation!
  2. Enter the Banxico SPEI Website – the Banxico SPEI website will be where you will begin your application process
  3. Complete the Request Form – complete the form and review it twice before submitting for review
  4. Wait for verification – the Banxico SPEI team will work quickly and effectively to approve your documents
  5. Approval – when your documentation is approved, review all the terms of your agreement to be aware of all signed conditions!
  6. Use your money usefully – after approval, the money will be in your account in a few minutes. The time has come for you to use it for what you needed.

Be smart. Take advantage of the grace period to save money and start the payment agreed and signed by you previously.