Car auction – See how it works

Are you thinking about participating in a car auction or have questions about how it works? Here we will show you in a simplified way how to participate in an auction, what fees you will pay after bidding on your vehicle, what types of car or motorcycle will be auctioned, what are damaged vehicles and much more! Follow along to clear your doubts.

Car auction - Open Scenario
Car auction – Open Scenario

How to participate in a car auction?

There are two modalities, online and in person. Either way, you must register with the auctioneer and send the necessary documents, awaiting approval. Once approved, you will be able to place your bid and buy your vehicle.

Online: Enter the car auction website of your choice but be careful and make sure that the website is official and trustworthy. To register, you will need to provide your personal documents such as CPF, proof of residence and your driver's license. Only after the auction manager checks your documents will you be released to send bids.

Within the website you will find all the necessary information. Reading the auction notice is the most important step, the notice contains all the information about the characteristics of the vehicles that were up for auction, the reason it was auctioned, the initial value of the bids, even the amount of the fee you will have to pay after purchasing the vehicle.

In person: Find out the time and place where the vehicle auction will take place in your region, you can register on site minutes before the event starts, take your personal documents such as CPF, CNH, proof of residence and enter your email address -mail.

You will receive a “flyer” where all the data on the cars or motorcycles that will be auctioned that day will be, they are normally numbered and are called “batch“, the numbers serve for better identification when you look for them.

Remembering that fees and bids vary from auctioneer to auctioneer, find out in the notice.

How do I place my bid?

Online: After registering online, within the website you will have options for you to find out according to your preferences, information that will tell you the status of the cars that are participating in the auction “Mount“, real photos of the vehicles and their defects for future concerts.

It will have a description with all information such as the vehicle's type, fuel, why it is being auctioned, its physical condition, among others. After choosing the vehicle you are most interested in, the option is to wait for the auction to begin and place your bid as it progresses. Whoever gives a higher bid option before the hammer hits, gets the auctioned vehicle.

Presencel: After your registration is completed, you can now visit the auction, evaluating the cars or motorcycles you are most interested in and writing down your number.batch“. The car auction will begin and photos of the vehicles will appear for better identification, if it is the vehicle you are interested in, stay tuned for the count and start placing your bids. After the hammer falls, that car or motorcycle will go to the winner who offered the highest bid.

What is mount?

Basically, the mount is what defines the condition of the vehicle, whether it is slightly or heavily damaged. Understand
Small amount: When the car is damaged, but its parts or affected parts can be easily rebuilt, without a large amount to be spent on repairs and can return to circulation without needing a safety inspection, consider it as a car accident small mount.

Media mounts: This is when a vehicle is involved in an accident and the structural, mechanical or external parts suffer damage, but can be replaced, allowing the vehicle to return to circulation after undergoing an inspection.

Big mount: These are those vehicles that normally suffer serious traffic accidents. Resulting in a vehicle that is completely unable to be repaired, and is only used for removing parts. Even though they are well below the price, the parts can only be sold to someone who has an authorization from Detran and is a legal entity registered with the transit agency. Total loss of damaged vehicle.

After purchasing my vehicle, what happens?

Well, after you buy the auctioned vehicle, be aware that you will have to pay mandatory fees, these are the fees that were informed in the notice. Each or every auction has these fees. In other words, in addition to the amount you bid, you will have to consider the fees that will follow:

Auctioneer's fee: As a rule, the amount directed to the auctioneer is 5% to be calculated on the value of the winning bid. Then the auctioneer will keep 5% of the value of your car.

Yard fee: The yard fee varies from around R$ 700.0 to R$1,200 reais, the exact value was informed in the notice.

These are the mandatory fees that need to be paid to collect the vehicle, not counting the value of the owner's transfer and future details that you will have to fix, details such as type, paint touch-up, tire wear, dents, scratches on the bodywork and a general inspection of the purchased car.

Common questions

What is an auction?

An auction is a process where goods or services are put up for sale and interested parties make bids, with the item generally being sold to the bidder with the highest bid. It is a common practice to sell everything from properties to vehicles.

How to buy a car at auction?

  • Investigate places and online platforms that organize car auctions.
  • Analysis the listings or catalogs to identify cars that interest you.
  • Examine physically the cars, if possible, before the event.
  • Register at the event or platform and get ready to bid.

After winning, be sure to liquidate the amount owed and be aware of possible additional costs related to the legalization of the vehicle.

How do you know if the car is for auction?

To determine if a car is for auction, you can:

  • To check the vehicle document. Sometimes auction cars may have specific notes or markings.
  • Request a detailed vehicle history report using the chassis number.
  • To question the seller directly. It's always a good idea to ask the seller detailed questions to find out the vehicle's origins.

How much does it cost to regularize an auction motorcycle?

The costs to regularize an auction motorcycle may vary depending on the region, the type of auction (judicial, seizure, etc.) and the condition of the motorcycle. In general, you will have to pay transfer fees, licensing fees, possible outstanding fines, and in some cases additional fees for repairs if the bike is not roadworthy. It is essential to consult the local DETRAN or equivalent agency to obtain an accurate estimate.

How to participate in the Federal Revenue auction?

  • Access the official IRS website and go to the auctions section.
  • Register in the electronic auction system.
  • Choice the auction you are interested in and carefully read the information and rules.
  • Offer your bid electronically during the stipulated period.
  • If you win, follow the instructions to payment and removal of goods.


Joining a vehicle auction can be an exceptional way to purchase a car or motorcycle at a more affordable price. However, it is essential to be well informed, read the notice carefully and, if possible, inspect the vehicle before placing a bid. This guide offers an overview of the process, but each auction has its specificities, so always be aware of the rules and details of the auction in question.